NLI 012 - Financially Free with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka was a Licensed Professional Engineer managing over $230M in construction projects. He's now a full-time multifamily investor with over 2,100 units. His platform SimplePassiveCashflow documents his journey of becoming an investor. There he educates both accredited and non accredited investors about investing.

In this episode Lane explains how he became financially free because of real estate, why he scaled into multifamily, and the lessons he has learned being a passive investor.

1. What is your Next Level Goal?

  • Build that part of his website where he’s educating people more on basic personal finances.

2. What advice helped you level up?

  • Don't take advice from people who are not financially free. Find people who are your pedigree who will be your model for 10-20 years ahead. Follow what they do.

3. Favorite tool that helped you level up?

4. Most recent book that helped you level up?

  • " The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" by Gary Keller

5. How can you be reached?