NLI 009 - Mobile Home Park Investing with Roman

Roman is a large multifamily and mobile home park investor.

In today's episode, Roman shares his entrepreneurial journey started because of Tony Robbins. He met his business partner at the Unleash the Power Within and learned to conquer by taking action! Roman explains the unique niche of mobile home parks. Mobile home parks have a growing demand, but no increased supply. He also discusses the misconceptions and challenges that come with mobile home parks.

Level Up Lightning Round

1. What is your Next Level Goal?

  •   Stabilizing his current mobile home park in North Carolina.

2. What advice helped you level up?

  •  Being more open-minded, sharing and reaching out, and being not afraid to talk to people. You never know who knows somebody that can close that deal.

3. Favorite tool that helped you level up?

  •  Building quality relationships. This takes following up with people, adding value to relationships, not expecting in return when helping out, and educating self about the business.

4. Most recent book that helped you level up?

  • "The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

5. How can you be reached?