NLI 006 - Preserving Wealth Passively with Alina Trigub

Alina Trigub is the founder and Managing Partner of SAMO Financial, a boutique private equity firm specializing in helping a select group of people passively invest in the commercial real estate. She's also the founder of 2 meetups, “The Power of Passive Investing through Real Estate”, which gather in New York and New Jersey. She has helped her clients to acquire and invest in over:

  • 1187 apartment doors

  • 500 storage units

  • 5MM fund focused on mobile home parks

In this episode, Alina talks about how as a former tax accountant she was always searching for a way to minimize her taxes—which then lead her to go into syndication as an equity partner. This experience was how her business was born. Her company's sole mission is to help other people preserve their wealth and build passive income while utilizing tax-saving strategies. She specifically talks about investing in syndications by using funds in Solo 401k or self-directed IRAs.

Level Up Lightning Round

  1. What is your Next Level Goal?

    • Research residential assisted living

  2. What advice helped you level up?

    • Educating yourself prior to taking action by listening to podcasts/webinars, reading books, and talking to experienced syndicators.

  3. Favorite tool that helped you level up?

  4. Most recent book that helped you level up?

    • “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

  5. How can you be reached?