NLI 004 - Leveling Up in Chicago with Ibn Abney

Ibn Abney is a buy and hold real estate investor in Chicago and is the host of the fastest growing real estate meetup in South Chicago (South East Chicago Real Estate Club).

In this episode Ibn discusses how his tax bill motivated him to get started investing in real estate, how he leveraged live-in flips to grow his portfolio AND lower his living costs, and how he makes his real estate meetup stand out.

Level Up Lightning Round

  1. What is your Next Level Goal?

    • Looking to invest in a 20-60 unit apartments

  2. What advice helped you level up?

    • Keep your eye on expenses

  3. Favorite tool that helped you level up?

    • Quickbooks Mileage Tracker

  4. Most recent book that helped you level up?

    • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

  5. How can you be reached?