New Year, Bigger Thinking

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to Next Level Investing! Our purpose is to take your investing to the next level by showing you the incredible powers of real estate.

My attendance at the Midwest Real Estate Conference and reading Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks in 2018 inspired me to create this website.

Attending the Midwest Real Estate Conference was an amazing 2 day conference in Chicago. The event involved networking with real estate professionals and learning from successful investors such as John Casmon, Brie Schmidt, Joe Fairless, and many others. They discussed specific markets within Chicago, the mindset of an investor, and the importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Along with their priceless lessons, I got to interact with an authentic network of real estate professionals. The majority of people had completed at least one real estate deal. They shared a variety of experiences such as flipping houses, closing on large apartment complexes, and the perseverance it takes to become a successful real estate investor. It truly was a wealth of knowledge that I would highly recommend attend next year’s conference! Next year’s Midwest Real Estate Conference is on June 1-2, 2019 in Chicago.

A very memorable presentation from the conference was Joe Fairless’s speech about his goal to have an apartment portfolio worth $1 BILLION by the time he was 40 years young. After the conference,I quickly subscribed to his podcast and purchased his book Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book. This book provided a step-by-step guide on how to think, network, raise money, analyze deals, and execute business plans like an apartment syndicator. I was blown away by the amount of information Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks provided. This book is the first resource I have read that provided structured detail on how to become a successful apartment syndicator.

Both of these events changed my entire line of thinking in 3 ways:

1.    I can do this! I won’t tell myself I can’t anymore.

2.    Dream big! Don’t trap myself with small thinking.

3.    Invest bigger!

I currently have two single family investments. I have felt content with them, but I have realized that I need to push myself to go bigger with my real estate investing.

Thanks to the change in mindset and the network of people, I have 3 goals for 2019:

1.    Fundraise and syndicate my first successful performing apartment community of over 50 units

2.    Launch a podcast showing the power of real estate by interviewing real estate professionals and investors

3.    Document my journey every step of the way

I look forward to showing everyone my journey by demonstrating how real estate can achieve your personal and financial goals. With my podcast and blog, I will be providing information to investors and real estate professionals, documenting successes and growing pains, and looking for people to join my team. Together we will conquer 2019 and achieve our goals!

Feel free to message me about your ideas, what you’re interested in, or even if you just want to chat about how to start. I’m looking forward to talking to you more about making big dreams a reality!

Level Up and have a great day!


Joe Fairless and Myself at the Midwest Real Estate Conference, May 12, 2018